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steve-sewell #Guidance

Mentoring and Content

Steven Sewell - July 22, 2018

When I stop and think about all the learning that I’ve accomplished since grade school, most of it has occurred with the help of peo...

Ladder of Promotions #Guidance

Promotions: not necessarily for the longest standing employee

Steven Sewell - Aug. 22, 2017

While having lunch I overheard a striking statement that made me think about the topic of promotion and advancing up the ladder. The gentleman t...

Be an ambassador #Guidance

3 Qualities of an Ambassador you want in a Manager/Supervisor

Steven Sewell - Aug. 22, 2017

Recently while preparing for a presentation I ran across some research that my friend Harold Ivan Smith shared with me one day at lunch. “You kn...

Managing Teams with Compassion #Guidance

6 Ways to Manage Your Team With Less Force and More Compassion

Steven Sewell - Aug. 22, 2017

There has been a conversation going on for decades about supervisors, managers, and upper level positioned employees and their tactics to manage...

Exercising Your Faith at Work #Guidance

How To Practice Your Faith At Work

Steven Sewell - Aug. 22, 2017

Whenever I am speaking to a group of business owners or corporate leaders I will encounter several kinds of stories of how their team members be...

Enduring Criticism #Guidance

Enduring Criticism

Steven Sewell - Aug. 22, 2017

“Dear Steve, it’s a good thing you’re reading this because you’re one of the most incompetent and inconsiderate people I know. I’ve known eight ...

3 Tips to Make Healthcare Work More Enjoyable #Guidance

3 Tips to Make Your Healthcare Work More Enjoyable

Steven Sewell - March 16, 2016

After spending 10 + years in hospice work and being a pastor for 25 years I have learned a few things about healthcare workers: they are usually...

educating.jpg #Guidance

Making Sense of Employee Anxiety and Performance Measures

Steven Sewell - Aug. 13, 2017

Performance reviews, progress reports, and “check ins” are as old as the word “career,” but many employees are asking their employers to hold on...

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