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Hope #Guidance

Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

Steven Sewell

"The grieving begins the moment you hear the news, the moment (people say) 'oh no'. And there will be many 'oh no' moments". Harold Ivan ...

steve-sewell #Guidance

Mentoring and Content

Steven Sewell

When I stop and think about all the learning that I’ve accomplished since grade school, most of it has occurred with the help of peo...

Ladder of Promotions #Guidance

Promotions: not necessarily for the longest standing employee

Steven Sewell

While having lunch I overheard a striking statement that made me think about the topic of promotion and advancing up the ladder. The gentleman t...

Be an ambassador #Guidance

3 Qualities of an Ambassador you want in a Manager/Supervisor

Steven Sewell

Recently while preparing for a presentation I ran across some research that my friend Harold Ivan Smith shared with me one day at lunch. “You kn...

Managing Teams with Compassion #Guidance

6 Ways to Manage Your Team With Less Force and More Compassion

Steven Sewell

There has been a conversation going on for decades about supervisors, managers, and upper level positioned employees and their tactics to manage...

Exercising Your Faith at Work #Guidance

How To Practice Your Faith At Work

Steven Sewell

Whenever I am speaking to a group of business owners or corporate leaders I will encounter several kinds of stories of how their team members be...

Enduring Criticism #Guidance

Enduring Criticism

Steven Sewell

“Dear Steve, it’s a good thing you’re reading this because you’re one of the most incompetent and inconsiderate people I know. I’ve known eight ...

3 Tips to Make Healthcare Work More Enjoyable #Guidance

3 Tips to Make Your Healthcare Work More Enjoyable

Steven Sewell

After spending 10 + years in hospice work and being a pastor for 25 years I have learned a few things about healthcare workers: they are usually...

educating.jpg #Guidance

Making Sense of Employee Anxiety and Performance Measures

Steven Sewell

Performance reviews, progress reports, and “check ins” are as old as the word “career,” but many employees are asking their employers to hold on...

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