We're on a Mission to

Provide & Encourage Hope

A Letter from Steve,

I see God raising me up to be a strong support and encouragement to the Body of Christ-providing an encouraging hope.  Therefore, this non-profit group exists to provide hope to the Body of Christ and their leaders during adversity, change, loss, and grief.  It is our desire to support this mission by providing Biblical teaching, preaching, writing, counseling, conducting conferences, Christ-centered educational courses, and various programs.

Support the Mission

We add value to your church by: 

Guest preaching & teaching.

Leadership meeting training & facilitation

Helping congregations and team transition

Developing strong pastoral care teams and small group ministry

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We add value to your faith organization by:

Conference and/or Banquet speaking.

Leadership team facilitation sessions on various topics.

Faith based customer service and employee engagement training.

Chaplain training.

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We add value to your personal life by:

Offering personal or group pastoral counseling.

Grief and bereavement counseling through loss, change, and/or adversity.

Focused living coaching.

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