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Empowering Live Teams, Inspiring People Through Video Conferencing

I have been trusted by community and non-profit companies, health care agencies, small to mid-sized businesses, schools, and churches to deliver live and digital keynote presentations, workshops, and group facilitating. My audiences range in size from 2-2000. With a unique style of presentations and facilitating combined with motivating, challenge, and entertainment with groups, each program is an inspiring, valuable and unforgettable live and/or virtual experience.

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Conference Keynotes, Trainings, and Banquets for Healthcare, Educators, Non-Profit Groups, and Corporate Organizations

More often than not, presenters share key insights and experience without offering any kind of “heart connection” and/or real life practical skills that affect change. My personable practice of crisis and grief training allows for people to come up close, ask questions, and have interaction, even after the event. You won’t be disappointed when I come to your event. Your members won’t either.


Popular Organization Presentations:

  • You are a Bridge of Influence
  • Living Life as You’ve Always Wanted
  • Good Company = A Good Company: developing the most important part of your company
  • Banish Burnout: taking care of yourself and your team
  • Conquering Conflict & Managing Change
  • Managing a Customer Service Crisis: what to do when it’s your fault
  • Transitions in the Workplace: when grief and loss occur on the job
  • Maximizing your Management: improving the manager within you

Popular Educator and School Presentations:

  • Conquering Conflicts and the 3 P’s- principals, peers, and parents
  • Teachers and Schools: You are a Bridge of Influence
  • Self-Care in Education: I love my job, but it might be killing me and my family
  • Kids in Crisis: helping educators help kids and adolescents find hope when a crisis occurs
  • Grief and Bereavement Training for Educators: simple and basics explained
  • Hope for Families Touched by Suicide


Popular Healthcare Presentations:

  • Conquering Conflicts and Managing Change
  • Self-Care in Healthcare: I love my job, but it might be killing me and my family
  • You are a Bridge of Hope to your Community
  • Conviction, Courage, and Civility: What Today’s Healthcare Agencies Need the Most
  • Improving Our Service and Appreciation for Veterans
  • At A Loss: A Training for Chaplains, Spiritual Counselors, and other practitioners who advocate for the spiritual care of patents, families, and healthcare staff
  • Chaplain Training Series
  • Comforting the Bereaved During the Holidays
  • Grief Within the Scope of Addiction and It’s Impact on Loved Ones

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