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Doug Webster
“Steve was a very welcome addition to our tradeshow education schedule. His sessions about taking care of yourself (so you can take care of your customers) and managing a customer service crisis were the perfect complement to our other sessions focused on sales and marketing techniques. His knowledge and compassion were obvious as he interacted with the show attendees, and from my perspective, he was great to work with – completely drama-free”!
Kerry Boderman, Education Director, ASI
“Steve’s varied portfolio offers something for every organization. As a compassionate and driven professional, he’s an asset to any group”!
Chelsie Gates- MODI Creative, MO
“Steve is a fantastic speaker and great with people. You feel comfortable around him and learn so much”!
Chelsea Teater- Bishop LeBlond Blond School, MO
“Steve is an endless source of positivity and kindness – his encouragement for those that surround him gives life and peace in an often-dark world”.
Sarah DeGarmo- Rise by Design
“Steve has an open mind to improving skills and opportunities not only for himself but also for others. His motivation and joy moves from family and his spiritual relationship to motivating others to become better apt at self-care and at their professional ambitions. He just may be the instructional speaker you need for your organization”.
Chaplain Bob Regan- Cameron, MO Medical Center
Steve is a very gifted and passionate presenter. He is a man of integrity who has a passion for seeing people realize their full potential”.
Mary McDonald- Owner Shibboleth Associates, LLC.
“I highly recommend Steve as a special event speaker for a dependable, honest, humorous presenter”.
Jeff Penland- Executive Director of the St. Joseph, MO Housing Authority
“Steve has a way of coming into a situation or group of people and is able to assess the dynamics and flow of the group. Yet he does this with humility that instantly builds trust and a feeling of safety and affirmation”.
Mitch Boese-City of Newton, KS
“Steve is an excellent public speaker with a great message. He is a man of integrity and you are drawn to him because of his genuine interest in others and their needs. He would be an excellent addition to any team meeting or an excellent speaker for any group needing an uplifting message”.
Joe Freudenthal- President/Owner of Freudenthal Home Health/Hospice/In-Home Health
“Steve is an excellent and inspiring speaker. He is an authentic and consistent individual who speaks from the heart with conviction and purpose. I highly recommend him for speaking events, workshops and retreats”.
Tyson Behrns- Covenant Christian School, CA
“Excellent speaker - very engaging! Down to earth”
Participant at Trade Show, Chicago
“He had fun Anecdotes. The exercises let us connect to others. Steve gave some great practical ideas for situations that aren't always discussed.”
Participant at Trade Show, Dallas/Ft. Worth
Steve made an impressive impact as he engaged the audience and related to real business problems, we all experience. He made great points and gave relatable information about our theme. Steve is good at helping people reflect about my work, life, and on yourself. We need more classes like this! His keynote and workshops were very actionable”.
Participant at a Trade Show/Conference in Orlando, FL
“Steve’s presentation, according to the evaluations, were that he was a phenomenal speaker.  He did a great job of maintaining the audience’s attention and the topic presented was fitting for the event.  We found working with Steve was a pleasure.  Communication remained open and prompt from the beginning of the planning stages and making accommodations for you were very simple”.
Jennifer Parker- Tara Treatment Center, Inc Indiana
“I was very appreciative that Steve’s presentation was down to earth and empathetic. The community loves to hear the personalized story telling as part of their healing and Steve did just that at our Tree of Remembrance Ceremony and Employee Training Workshops”.
Sidney Regional Medical Center, NE
I enjoyed a different approach to his conflict reconciliation workshop. He had great insights, kept time well, and made it easy for me to apply the points at home, community, and my job. I strongly recommend Steve for any group seeking an engaging and motivational speaker”.
Marissa Spiegel- St Louis, MO
“Steve hit it out of the park! Even though I saw Steve’s presentation 3 years ago, he made it fresh, new, and engaging. He was extremely helpful to our group who are experiencing a lot of grief. I will be calling him again indeed”.
Greg Dixon, Maysville, MO
“Caring seems to be a “second subject” as it relates to management. Steve made me think about the way I care about my team, what I do to make everyone feel appreciated, and what I do to encourage care in individuals and help them feel valued. Steve’s presentation was engaging, encouraging, and motivational. Typically, the educational sessions in this industry are monotonous and intimidating as we all tend to be introverts. Steve made a considerable effort to help us all feel cared about and pushed us a little to consider others and not just the project objectives we have on our clipboards”.
Corps of Engineers participant, MO

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